What will it do for me?

Increase production:

  • Allow scheduling of orders to minimize gaps between orders.
  • Calculation of optimal gaps between part runs based on individual part recipes
  • Maximizing the efficiency of your loader, ensuring 100% of desired load rate at all times
  • Customers typically realize a 20% to 30% increase in furnace productivity after system installation

Minimize Rework:

  • Remove operator error from the equation through the use of a completely automated recipe based furnace setup
  • Ensure an even and consistent load of parts onto the furnace belt through accurate control of the furnace loading system. This eliminates any over or underloading of the belt resulting in improperly processed product

Store Valuable Production Data:

  • All data setpoints and process variables are logged into the system database
  • The details of every order run are stored in the system database, allowing you to view the critical data while an order is running and look it up historically at a later date. The data is stored on a per order basis, so you can look up all trend, alarm, and log data simply by entering an order reference number
  • Production Reports can be generated which summarize key order parameters including the total weight loaded, the implemented gap times, individual zone entry and exit times, key statistical data including min, max, average, and standard deviation for trended points, and any applicable alarms product.

Provide Visibility Throughout the Organization:

  • “Job-View” Client Software can be installed on multiple computers on the company network. This means that realtime furnace production, and historical data can be viewed from your office desktop.

Supplement or Replace your existing Control System:

  • The “Job-View” system can be the core of a complete control system upgrade, providing the operator and management interface for a new PLC control system to replace outdated relay or timer based panels. “Job-View” is a perfect choice if you are thinking of replacing your existing furnace or loader control system.
  • “Job-View” can also be configured to seamlessly integrate with your existing control system, designed to be quickly installed to enhance the productivity and functionality of your existing controls.
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