How Much Does It Cost?

The “Job-View Ver 2.0” Subscription is designed to provide a number of benefits to the Heat Treater who is looking for a high quality part tracking and data logging system. The subscription service is designed to virtually eliminate downtime, ensure that the Heat Treater’s control system is always state of the art, and provide offsite data backup, all at an affordable cost.

The “Job-View Ver 2.0” Subscription Service includes the following:

  • Remote Troubleshooting via VPN Router Connection (VPN Router Supplied by True Logic Group)
  • Uptime Service to provide an express shipment of a PC configured with most recent backup data should a computer failure occur.
  • Software Upgrades will be provided on an ongoing basis to ensure that the customer always have the most current software versions. Software installation will be provided via the VPN Router Connection.
  • Ongoing Customizations of reporting and system functionality are included in the service fee, if new reports or changes are deemed to be of value to other subscribed customers. Any new reports or functionality that True Logic Group generates will be provided via software upgrades to our customers on an ongoing basis.
  • Periodic System Inventory – A report will be generated every 6 months detailing all critical hardware and software components for the system. Along with the report, a timeline will be provided detailing any recommended hardware or software upgrades required to keep the system current. The customer has the option to purchase any recommended items on their own, or through True Logic Group. .
  • Payment – The subscription service allows payments to be spread out over a predetermined length of time based on each customers needs.
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